Signing up, dates and consultations:

089/ 38 31 - 101 - Fax 089/ 38 31 - 263

Our midwives offer you acupuncture for an easier pregnancy, delivery and childbed.


During the pregnancy:

  • To prepare for delivery: acupuncture Dr. Römer’s method
    (starting from the 36th  pregnancy week once a week)
    (starting from the 39th week of pregnancy 3 times a week) one session at a time
  • In the case of nausea (morning sickness) during pregnancy
  • In the case of labour pains ahead of time to support the treatment with labour pain inhibition medications
  • In the case of high blood pressure

During the birth:

  • Initiating labour pains
  • Supporting labour pains
  • Alleviating general pains
  • For  abruption of  placenta

Im Wochenbett:

  • In the case of breast feeding difficulties and galactostasis
  • In the case of disruption of the uterus shrinkage back to normal

The cost for these services is settled directly with the public insurance. Private insurances can reimburse them later. An exception for that is birth-preparing acupuncture. In this case, the costs (EUR 20 per session) must be paid for directly to the hospital.