We are in charge of each stage of pregnancy, of delivery and childbed in the clinic; some midwives also provide follow-up care at home. The list of midwives providing follow-up care you can get in the delivery ward. As a rule, women in childbed are entitled to help of a midwife up to 10 days after delivery, in some cases even longer then that. A complete listing of midwives of the city of Munich can be found here:

If you happen to have any questions or complaints in the course of your pregnancy and the practice of your affiliated doctor is closed, you can come to a midwife in our clinic. Telephone of the delivery ward: +49 0 89 - 3831-101

During birth, we will support you in your wishes and ideas. Midwives are authorised to supervise a normal birth independently. In our clinic, each delivery will be carried out after a consultation with your affiliated doctor.

The most midwives have more then 30 years of work experience in their field.

If you have specific questions, you can set up an appointment with one of our midwives. Consultations usually begin at 18:30. Prior arrangement is required. Please call + 49 089 - 3831-0. Individual consultations can follow.

For all stages of pregnancy, birth and childbed, we offer acupuncture.

We wish you a pleasant pregnancy and we are glad to welcome you in our clinic.

Your midwifery team.