Caesarean section

In the case of a difficult or abnormal birth, all achievements of modern medicine are available to help you and your baby to have a secure delivery. Caesarean section can be performed before actual labour or once in labour, in the case of a life-threatening situation for a mother or a child when a delivery should take place as soon as possible. Caesarean sections are performed in the surgery area of the clinic.

A primary c-section is planned in advance as part of a labour mode, the labour has not yet begun (the waters have not broken yet and labour pains have not yet started). Absolute indications for a primary c- section are following (for example): the wrong position of the child (transverse lie), life-threatening situation for a mother or a child (e.x. cervical rupture) or pre-existed conditions of a mother or a child. A relative indicator for a c-section would be a suspicion that there is a disproportion between the pelvis of the mother and the size of a child. In the case of a planned c-section, the pregnant woman can usually decide whether she prefers the operation to be performed under epidural anaesthesia or under general anaesthesia.

A modern operation method for a c-section “Misgav-Ladach"-Method has been in existence for a couple of years..

Secondary c-section: the labour has already started, the waters have broken or labour pains have begun.

If the labour process is not progressing, or there are changes in the heart beat or a child, these factors can be good reasons for a c-section, which is needed to protect health of the mother and the child.