Prenatal Testing

Senior consultants:

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In the case, abnormality is diagnosed during check-up ultrasound examinations during pregnancy, referral to a specialist in prenatal diagnostics is required. Here it can be clarified whether there is an actual disease, fetal deformity or another abnormality. The methods we use conform to the most up-to-date standards and latest safety aspects.

We offer following examinations:

Genetic diagnostics

  • Genetic consultation (in cooperation with specialists in human genetics)
  • Non-invasive diagnostics AFP-screening, Triple test, PAPP-A
  • Chorionic villous sampling (CSV) biopsy, 11-12 weeks of pregnancy Amniocentesis, 14-16 week of pregnancy
  • Fetal blood sampling, 16-22 weeks of pregnancy


Amniocentesis or chorionic villous sampling (CSV) biopsy can be required in the following cases:

  • Women above a certain age
  • There is already one child with hereditary diseases
  • Dysfunction of hereditarydisposition in one of the parents
  • In the case abnormalities were diagnosed by ultra-sound examinations in the early stages of pregnancy

If there are hereditary diseases in your family, you should turn to us for a genetic consultation. Best of all do it before the pregnancy.


Qualified ultra sound diagnostics

  • First screening, 9-12 weeks of pregnancy (integrity of pregnancy, single/multiple pregnancy, abnormalities )
  • Nuchal fold scan 11-14 week of pregnancy
  • Second screening 19-22 weeks of pregnancy(exclusion of abnormalities / organs screeening)
  • Third screening 29-32 pregnancy weeks (growth, position, weight )
  • Doppler sonography of mother’s fetal vessels
  • Fetal echocardiography (examination of fetal heart to exclude heart defects)