Umbilical cord blood collection

Many body’s own cells of a young baby circulate in the vessels of the umbilical cord. Two external companies offer you cord blood collection directly after the birth of your child. The procedure lasts only for a couple of minutes and does not put either you or your child at risk.

After the blood sample is received, a courier picks it up. Finally stem cells are prepared in a German laboratory and there they are put to sleep (“cold sleep”) until the day they are used one day. The whole process (beginning from collection, up to release) conforms to the strict German laws on medications.

You have following possibilities:

1. Storage of stem cells for your own child (private storage)

Medical prevention only for your child – with limitations also for his siblings (probability of genetic marker conformity is 1:4)
Stem cells are used successful already today with growing tendency.
Option for medicine of the future – “Regenerative medicine”
Storage is possible with no time limit, which means life-long prevention
Partial compensation of costs by some insurance companies (for example Debeka)


2. Storage of stem cells for others (public donation)

They are more and more often used all over the world, especially in the case of leukaemia as an optimal alternative to so-called bone marrow stem cells. The complete costs (sampling, transporting, preparation, storage) are covered by a non-profit organisation.

Consequence: you lose all rights for the cells in long-term.
In addition to that, you do not get confirmation about success of the storage process.

If you are interested please contact Fa. eticur appr. 6 weeks before the birth of your child to clarify, whether you can be considered as a donation candidate.


The most important exclusion (against donation) criteria by expectant mothers are:

  • Rhesus-prophylaxis ( a special case of administered blood product)
  • Stay in Great Britain for more then 6 months in the period between 1980 and 1996 (for example as Au-Pair)
  • Piercings in the mucous membrane areas must be removed before the 30th week of pregnancy
  • Proved hepatitis or HIV infection
  • No donation before the 38 week of pregnancy

Procedure (private storage and public donation)

Please get in touch with your preferred provider directly about 6 weeks before the delivery, in order to make sure everything will run smoothly.

In the case of a private storage, please first conclude a contract that guarantees you and your child rights for your stem cells without restriction.

If you have decided to make a public donation, you suitability as a donor must be proved first. For that, you must answer different questions in the anamnesis questionnaire - similar as for bone marrow donation.

In the both cases, you will then get a sampling box- it will be sent by a courier to your home. On the day of the birth of your child, please just bring this box to the delivery ward - our staff is already waiting for you and will carry out blood sampling.   

Later it will be transported to the laboratory, prepared and a stored for long-term at the temperature -175 °C.

In the case of donation, the preparation will be finally offered to patients all over the world via Central Bone Marrow Donation Register.

In the case of a private preparation, after completion of a comprehensive controlling examination you will get an individual certificate with all required medical information.
Unfortunately, you it is not possible to change from a private storage to a public donation and vice verse later on.


Lectures to this topic take place in our clinic on a regular basis. During these lectures, we can provide you with comprehensive information.