Urodynamic measuring station

Uterine or vaginal prolapse can be treated by means of surgery.

Sometimes urodynamic is needed to make a decision about suitable operative methods.

In the case of urinal incontinence (involuntary loss of urine), painless bladder function tests, so-called urodynamic examinations, are helpful while planning a medicamental and physical therapy. Such an examination should be carried out before a surgical intervention.

Urodynamic is used in gynaecology and urology. The function of urinary bladder and urethra
is examined.

The measuring station in the Dr. Geisenhofer Clinic is used exclusively for women to measure urethra closing pressure and reactions of the bladder (cystometry, urethra pressure profile and electromyography) to clarifying bladder-emptying dysfunction and incontinence problems.

During examination a thin catheter is inserted into the bladder. After initial emptying of the bladder, it will be filled with an infusion solution. At the same time, pressure inside of the bladder is measured. The second pressure sensor in the anus measures the external pressure, which is put over the bladder for example, when the patient coughs.

The function of pelvic floor musculature can be measured by means of adhesive electrodes.

You can eat, drink normally and take your regular medicaments before the examination. The examination is painless and the following daily routine is not affected.

Depending on the complexity of the problem, an examination and a consultation last from 45 to 75 minutes. The appointment includes a comprehensive consultation and if needed a follow-up consultation with a gynaecologist or a general practitioner who referred the patient. The doctors get a detailed report with recommendations for further treatment. The patient discusses it during the appointment with the doctor whom she trusts. Urodynamic operators of the hospital can be contacted if needed.

To arrange an appointment call on+49 (0) 89 3831/0 (Wednesday morning or upon arrangement)

For further information please call on +49 (0) 89/3201859 and leave you phone number asking to call you back regarding bladder pressure measurement.