Body lift surgery

Many of our patients have managed to lose between 40 and 80 kg of weight through bariatric surgery (e.g. gastric bypass). In consultation with the health insurance companies, we are allowed to help these patients to feel good again in their bodies through tightening operations on the stomach, legs, arms and chest.

    Medical Director

    Professor Dr. Thilo Schenck is the Medical Director of the Dr. Geisenhofer Gynaecological Clinic and Chief Physician of the Department of Breast, Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery.
    Since 2018, he has been Deputy Director & Senior Consultant of the Department of Hand Surgery, Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery at the Ludwig Maximilian University Hospital (LMU) Munich.  There, as Head of the Reconstructive and Aesthetic Breast Surgery Department, he was responsible for microsurgical breast reconstruction with free flap plasty (DIEP).
    Professor Schenck has extensive experience in the fields of facial surgery as well as body contouring with a focus on postbariatric patients and patients with lipedema. He has more than 10 years of experience with tightening operations and has performed well over 1000 treatments. In addition, he is a regular consultant and speaker for self-help groups.

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    gender_m Aesthetic plastic surgeryCertified doctorBreast Centre/Plastic SurgerySenior physician
    Prof. Dr. Thilo L. Schenck
    Medical Director, Director Breast-,Plastic & Aesthetic Surgergy
    Hirschauer Str. 6
    80538 München
    Tel. 089 38 31 1521Tel. 089 38 31 1521
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    Dr. Geisenhofer Clinic

    Tradition combined with modern medicine - this is what Geisenhoferklinik in Munich stands for. The clinic was founded in spring 1940 by Dr. Lorenz Geisenhofer. Dr. Geisenhofer was a specialist in gynaecology and obstetrics and two years earlier he had bought the former city palace of the von Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen family and had it rebuilt. His aim: to provide individual care and the best possible treatment for patients in a beautiful ambience.
    We still follow this goal today. The Geisenhoferklinik is one of the leading institutions in Munich and the surrounding area in the fields of obstetrics, mamma surgery, operative gynaecology and plastic/aesthetic surgery.

    The Procedure and Your Hospital Stay

    The first step is always a personal conversation in the practice. Before the operation, the affected areas are analysed by 3D surface scanning and the success of the treatment is checked postoperatively.  Professor Schenck will take time for you, respond to your individual wishes and questions and, if necessary, make appointments with you for your surgeries. If you already have documents from other doctors confirming a need for treatment of the excess skin (e.g. skin irritations confirmed by a dermatologist or orthopaedic conditions), this is very helpful for consultation with your health insurance company. Therefore, please bring all medical documents (e.g. from the dermatologist or orthopaedist - if available) to your appointment.

    Our goal ist hat you attend the surgery fully informed and with a secure feeling. The admission is usually on the day of the surgery. On request, it is also possible to come to the clinic one day earlier at your own expense.
    We prepare an individual surgery plan for each patient. Often we start with a tightening of the abdomen and back (abdominoplasty/lower body lift), in a second operation the thighs are tightened, finally the arms and if necessary the breast (upper body lift).

    After the surgery you will be cared for by experienced and specially trained nursing staff. The average length of stay is one to two days for arm lifts and two to four days for thigh and abdominal surgeries. During your stay you will be visited daily by the attending physician and receive physiotherapy specially adapted to your needs. After the surgeries, you will be provided with compression wraps and wear compression underwear for six weeks

    Information on cost coverage by health insurance companies

    In a post-bariatric procedure such as an abdominoplasty, the aim is not only to eliminate aesthetically disturbing factors, but also to solve health problems. The friction on the skin under the fat apron can cause irritation, severe itching and inflammation. In many patients the skin flaps also cause psychological distress. If such health restrictions can be proven, it is possible that the costs for the abdominoplasty will be covered by the health insurance.

    If you already have documents from other doctors confirming a need for treatment of the excess skin (e.g. skin irritations confirmed by a dermatologist or orthopaedic complaints), this will be very helpful for consultation with the health insurance company. Therefore, please bring all medical documents to your appointment.

    We will be happy to prepare an application for you to have the costs covered by your health insurance company.

    Support Groups

    Adipositas SHG Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Werdenfels)
    Auenstr. 6
    82467 Garmisch-Partenkirchen

    Adipositas SHG München-Gräfeling
    Ruffinialle 17
    82166 Gräfelfing

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