Breast Surgery

The Department of Breast Surgery is part of the „Brustzentrum am Englischen Garten“ and specialises in breast reconstruction. In close consultation with the Breast Centre, we offer our patients breast reconstruction with their own tissue or implants, individually tailored to their needs.

The interdisciplinary cooperation between the private practices of the Breast Centre is exemplary and unique in Germany.

    Breast reconstruction

    The reconstruction of the female breast aims to restore the shape and aesthetic of the breast. In recent years, breast reconstruction after removal of the breast has received more and more attention. There are various procedures available for the reconstruction of the female breast, which are individually adapted to the patient.
    If a complete or partial amputation of the breast is unavoidable (mastectomy), the question arises as to whether a reconstruction is desired and when it should be carried out.

    It has been proven that the removal of the breast and its reconstruction in one operation has no negative influence on the course of the cancer or further chemotherapy.

    Choice of Procedure

    Implant or own tissue?

    Within the breast centre, it is determined individually for the patient whether an implant or a reconstruction with autologous tissue is the better alternative.
    In addition to the individual tumour situation and the wishes of the patient, the necessity of radiotherapy plays an important role in the decision between radiotherapy and implant.

    After careful preliminary examination and individual consultation, we have the following procedures at our disposal:

    1. Augmentation by tissue from outside the body (expander/implant), if necessary with so-called cellular matrices (ADM)
    2. Reonstruction of the breast using the body's own tissue

    a. Reconstruction with tissue from the back (latissimus muscle or TDAP flap plastic)
    b. Reconstruction with tissue from the abdomen (DIEP flap plastic, formerly TRAM flap plastic, and SIEA flap plastic)
    c. Reconstruction of the breast with tissue from the thigh and buttock fold (TMG flap plastic surgery)
    d. Breast reconstruction using tissue from the buttocks (S-GAP or I-GAP or FCI flap plastic surgery)

    The Procedure and Your Hospital Stay

    Prior to every operation or treatment, a personal consultation takes place in the practice. In order to achieve a symmetrical result, your breast is recorded and measured with 3D photography. Professor Schenck will set aside enough time to respond to your individual wishes and questions and arrange appointments for your operations with you. Please bring all relevant documents from other visits to the doctor with you to this appointment.

    You will arrive at your surgery fully informed and with a secure feeling. The admission is usually on the day of the operation. On request, it is also possible to come to the clinic one day earlier at your own expense.

    Usually, several surgeries are needed for the reconstruction of the breast. At your first surgery appointment, the breast reconstruction is performed with a free flap. In a second surgery after about four months, the opposite side is adjusted to the reconstructed breast. If removal of the nipple is necessary for the treatment of the tumour, it will be reconstructed in a separate surgery.

    After the surgery you will be cared for by experienced and specially trained nursing staff, such as our Breast Care Nurse. The average length of stay is seven days. During your stay, you will be visited daily by the attending physician and receive physiotherapy specially tailored to your needs.

    Support groups

    Women support group in Munich

    Christine Deischl
    0 81 24 - 90 99 522

    Claudia Klein
    0 80 24 - 46 88 50 0


      Dr. Gerlinde Schwaiger

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