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We bundle expertise and experience from a variety of different medical disciplines in order to ensure the quality assured local treatment of your breast cancer. The entire treatment, from the surgery through to the follow-up, is individually recommended by our medical expert team for each patient.

Certified Breast Centre

Our core team has remained unchanged since the establishment of the BZaEG a decade ago. Professional collaboration and a continuously expanding pool of experience are thus guaranteed. In addition, the BZaEG is one of the few centres in Germany where plastic surgeons are included in the treatment right from the very start. The Breast Centre is certified in accordance with the requirements of the German Cancer Society and the German Society for Senology (DGS), and in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. The BZaEG is thus able to guarantee the optimal treatment of breast diseases, from diagnosis through to therapy and follow-up.

Individualised therapy

Short distances within the Breast Centre enable more effective treatments. As a patient, you benefit from rapid decision-making, optimal implementation and a treatment which is holistic and tailored to you. The attending physician always remains the same and does not change. This leads to a high level of continuity in treatment, and often improves results. All of our breast cancer experts from a variety of different disciplines take part in a weekly tumour conference.

Individualised support

The individual forms the focus of our holistic treatments at the Breast Centre of Dr. Geisenhofer Clinic at the Englischer Garten. Your case manager and centre coordinator is your contact person at all times and she will organise and guide you through these times.

Since 01.09.2019, the Breast Center at the English Garden is headed by Dr. Daniel Sattler (Gynecological Oncology).


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