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Diagnostic procedure

Bring all of your examination results with you for your first appointment, if you have them. You will discuss previous findings with your specialist. After this discussion, a physical examination, and any further diagnosis which is required will normally then be performed.

These examinations mostly comprise a special x-ray examination (a mammography) and/or an ultrasound examination (sonography) of your breasts. When any finding is unclear, a tissue sample may be taken under local anaesthetic (using a puncture biopsy) to confirm the finding.

This sample will be sent to our pathology laboratory for assessment. State-of-the-art procedures are used here, whose quality is constantly monitored. The results of the tissue sample are available in approximately 2 working days.

Should you be diagnosed with breast cancer, we will determine the next steps together with you and our case manager will coordinate your so-called "staging" (x-ray of the lung, ultrasound of the upper abdomen and bone scintigram). We will give you our individual and personal attention throughout this process.

We will take care of your well-being and support and help you as much as you want us to.

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