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During the follow-up visit, your physician will perform a physical examination, paying particular attention to symptoms which may indicate a recurrence of the tumour. He will also ask you about your well-being, your physical fitness, as well as any abnormalities, complaints and physical changes. You can ask your physician any questions you may have relating to your mental, social, family, physical and professional rehabilitation.

Normally, these examinations are performed every three months for the three years following the treatment. These intervals are extended to 6 to 12 months in subsequent years. The operated breast undergoes a mammography every six months for the first three years, and the healthy breast undergoes an annual mammography.

A so-called follow-up calendar is recommended in order to document the follow-up visits. This will be issued to you upon discharge from the Clinic by the general practitioner who is treating you.


Patients with - or who have suffered from - cancer are legally entitled to rehabilitation services, which help them to cope with the consequences of the illness and treatment, as well as their re-entry into everyday life.

These can include inpatient rehabilitation/follow-up treatment measures, the issue of a disabled person’s pass as well as assistance with professional reintegration.

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