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The oncological care concept

People with cancer require not only medical treatment, but also special nursing care. Nurses make a significant contribution to the oncological treatment team with their specific specialist knowledge and their expertise, so that the patients and their relatives are better able to manage the effects of the disease and treatment.

In addition to sound basic training, comprehensive specialist knowledge is essential, and insured by advanced oncological training. The two-year part-time course for oncological specialist nurses complies with European standards and is performed in accordance with the guidelines of the German Hospital Association (DKG).

Oncological specialist nurses in our Breast Centre have the necessary competence and continuity of care and play a key role as the interface between the physician, patient and relatives.

Oncological specialist nurses are responsible for the following duties:

  • Quality assurance / quality development

  • Compliance with hygiene and accident prevention regulations and specifications issued by the MPG, as well as with internal clinic requirements

  • Advice and training for non-oncological specialist members of the treatment team

  • Participation in the induction of new members and guidance of participants in the "care in oncology" continuing education course, with particular consideration for oncological specifics

  • Participation in internal training

  • Participation in internal and external oncology-specific training for their own continuous and further education

  • Participation in quality assurance processes (e.g. certification processes)

  • Ensuring and verifying care quality on the ward, taking oncology-specific aspects into account

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