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Tumour conference – a quality parameter

All of the Centre experts from a variety of different disciplines take part in the weekly tumour conference at Dr. Geisenhofer Women's Clinic (radiology, gynaecology, plastic surgery, pathology, radiotherapy, oncology). Experts from other disciplines are involved where required.

An individual therapy recommendation is developed and recorded for each patient during the tumour conference. The recommendation follows the current guidelines of the German Society for Senology. This recommendation is discussed with the patient in a timely manner, and further necessary procedures are planned and organised. The individual recommendation is used to monitor the achievement of objectives during the course of treatment.

All examination and surgery results are presented and discussed as part of the weekly experts’ tumour conference. In any case, every patient treated at the BzAEG will be discussed before (preoperative tumour conference) and after the operation (postoperative tumour conference).

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