Patient information

We are pleased to be able to accompany you and your child on the way to a new life together. A family-focused, safe birth in a special ambience is very important to us. Our Obstetrics team makes every effort to provide you with personal and individualised care.

Registration for childbirth

Physicians at our clinic work in accordance with the affiliated doctor system. As such, attending physicians work in their own practices as well as in their capacity as surgeons and obstetricians at Dr. Geisenhofer Women's Clinic.
If you want to deliver your baby in our clinic, please make an appointment with one of our affiliated doctors. They will forward your registration to us immediately and you will see them again at the hospital when it is time to deliver your baby. You can also let them know if you are interested in a a single-bed, double-bed or family room. For self-payers, the costs of the selected accommodation are payable to the clinic in cash or by debit card. Accommodation in a family room is a self-payment service, and not reimbursed by private health insurance.

We request your understanding that access to a room of your choice can not be guaranteed and is only possible when occupancy permits. We will however do our utmost to fulfil your wishes.
For all other appointments and check-ups regarding your pregnancy you can continue to see you current doctor.

Learn more about Frauenklinik Dr. Geisenhofer

You are welcome to find out more about our Clinic during one of our many information evenings. Our information evenings are held in German. Attendance is optional and not a requirement to give birth at our clinic. You can also watch our delivery room video to learn more about giving birth at Frauenklinik Dr. Geisenhofer.

Information and courses on childbirth

Should you have any questions about registering for our courses or want further information about childbirth, our Parents' Centre at Blumenstraße 37 will be happy to help.

Additional benefits and services for TK insurance holders

A good start to life – what every parent wants for their child. A decisive factor is to ensure that the young family can feel safe and secure during the pregnancy, as well as over the birth-giving period. To further optimise this, TK has embarked on a "Babyfocus” project with Dr. Geisenhofer Women's Clinic. The project’s key component is the particularly intensive medical care of mother and child as well as a comprehensive range of additional services. The Babyfocus contract can be obtained in the Clinic on the day of the delivery of your baby.

Additional services for Babyfocus members include:
A toxoplasmosis screening or free lectures in our Parents' Centre. You have guaranteed admission to our facility, preferably in a two-bed room. There are also amenities such as an extensive menu, telephone, TV, wifi or daily newspapers - all at no additional cost. Upon discharge, you will also receive a baby romper or hat as a reminder of your stay with us.

Advice and important appointments after birth

  • At our Clinic, you can get help with breastfeeding from our experienced paediatric nurses and midwives
  • Your child must have a screening test for metabolic diseases (screening card) on the 3rd day. This must be repeated if your child is not 36 hours old upon acceptance
  • The second preventive examination should be performed on your child between the 3rd and 10th days.
  • If this is not performed before discharge, please contact your paediatrician about this. You will need the insurance card of the main insurance holder for this examination if the child does not yet have their own insurance card.
  • Your baby should receive Vitamin D daily from the 10th day of its life. Your child should be given Vitamin K at U 2 and once again at U 3.
  • You should contact your gynaecologist within the first 6 weeks of delivery

Downloads for patients

Please feel free to download, view and print out your information in PDF format. If you would like more information, we will be glad to help!

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