Mission Statement

Our vision

We want to actively shape the future together.
Building on the tradition and reputation of our Clinic, we want to maintain and expand our corporate leadership position in the Munich health market.
Our Clinic should be a venue for expertise, reliability and humanity for our patients and employees, even in difficult times.

Our mission

We are what makes the Geisenhofer Clinic.
We provide the best possible quality - in terms of medicine, care and everywhere else.
We respond proactively to technical and social progress, with an opportunity-oriented and open-minded approach.
We work as a team and help each other - always, and cross-divisionally. We trust each other. We resolve conflicts in a timely, immediate and goal-oriented manner.
We live a culture in which mistakes are seen as an opportunity for improvement. Every one of our employees lives our mission.

Our values

We respect every individual with their personality and needs, regardless of their origins, gender, religion or sexual orientation. We also demand this value from third parties - for ourselves and for others.
The health and well-being of our patients is dependent upon our work - so we proceed with this very carefully. We take the time that we need.
Our attention and focus also applies to supposedly small things and details, as these may be important to other people.
We work effectively, cost-effectively and systemically.
Our extensive scope for decision-making puts us in a position to carry out our tasks independently, rapidly and as well as we can.
Openness, personal appreciation and responsibility shape us into an effective clinical team.
The satisfaction of our patients and their relatives with our performance is the measure of our success.

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