The delivery room

Women have been receiving qualified and family-oriented care in our clinic for many years.

The delivery rooms of our clinic are without a doubt the beating heart of our childbirth department. This is where you will give birth to your child, hence it will remain in your memories for a lifetime. Exertion and pain, but also incredible joy are complementary opposites of giving birth.

In order to be able to guarantee the safety and well-being of mother and child around the clock, our attending midwives, obstetricians, nurses, anesthesiologists and our pediatric team are on hand 24 hours a day. Our neonatal intensive care unit with specially trained neonatal nursing staff and paediatricians for the newborn offers an additional layer of safety for your baby.

Labour facilitation aids

We want you to feel comfortable during all phases of childbirth. Many of our midwives have additional qualifications in naturopathic treatment methods such as herbal medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture, aromatherapy or have mastered special massage techniques or special breathing and relaxation methods. We will work with you to find out what is helpful and pleasant for you and your child in the respective phase of childbirth.

Among the movable maternity furniture you will find a birthing rope, birthing stools and chairs as well as mats and Pezzi balls. A bathtub is available for relaxation.

Under certain conditions, epidural anesthesia (PDA) has proven to be a useful measure to make the birth process easier. This type of local pain relief temporarily reduces or completely eliminates the sensation of labor pain, as needed.

Deviations from the normal course of childbirth

If there are deviations from the normal course of childbirth, we have all the options of modern medicine at our disposal to ensure a safe delivery for you and your child.

If medical intervention becomes necessary due to the medical situation of the child or mother during the ongoing birth process, a suction cup or a cesarean section may be necessary. Caesarean sections are carried out in the operating room of the clinic. The reason for a so-called secondary cesarean section is usually a stalled birth or a critical change in the child's heartbeat.

If there are medical indications for a planned cesarean section before the actual labor begins (i.e. before the membranes have ruptured or contractions have begun), this is called a primary cesarean section. Absolute indicators of a planned cesarean section are, for example:

  • an irregular position of the child (e.g. lying on its side)
  • danger to life for mother and/or child (e.g. uterine rupture)
  • special previous illnesses of the mother or child.

A relative indicator for a planned cesarean section would be the suspicion of a disproportion between the mother's pelvis and the size of the child. If a cesarean section is planned, the pregnant woman can usually decide whether the birth will be carried out under general anesthesia or with local anesthesia (epidural anesthesia).

Bonding after childbirth

“Bonding” describes the inner emotional connection that parents develop with their child. This falling in love is the basis for a lasting, unique relationship.

Bonding should begin immediately after birth, if the condition of the mother and child allows it. The literature describes an extremely sensitive phase in the first hour after birth. The declared interdisciplinary goal in the women's clinic Dr. Geisenhofer therefore says that mother and child should not be separated after birth.

Bonding, which is part of everyday routine during spontaneous births, is also carried out and supported directly in the operating room after cesarean sections. This means that even if you have a cesarean section, you don't have to miss out on this form of emotional connection.

Umbilical cord blood collection

Stem cells from your baby's umbilical cord are the youngest and most vital endogenous stem cells that can be obtained today. In the women's clinic Dr. Geisenhofer, in collaboration with the external umbilical cord blood bank Vita34, we offer you the collection of umbilical cord blood and/or tissue directly after the birth of your child. Our doctors in the delivery room are trained in removal and carry it out on an ongoing basis. The process only takes a few minutes and is risk-free for you or your child.

After collection, the blood and/or tissue is picked up by a courier. Finally, the stem cells are processed in a laboratory in Germany and put into cold sleep until they are to be used at some point.

The entire process - from collection to delivery - is subject to the strict German Medicines Act.

The process

In any case, please contact Vita34 directly approx. 6 weeks before the birth of your child to ensure a smooth process. Before the birth, you conclude a contract with Vita34 that guarantees you (or your later adult child) the unrestricted rights to your own stem cells.

You will then receive the collection box sent home with a courier. On the day your child is born, simply bring this box with you to the delivery room - our staff will be waiting for you and will routinely collect the umbilical cord blood for you.

This is followed by transport to the laboratory, preparation and permanent storage of the stem cells at -175 °C. During the processing, after completing the extensive check-ups, you will receive a storage certificate with all the necessary medical information.
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