Our midwife consultation hours

Pregnancy and birth give rise to many questions, often fears and worries. Information creates self-confidence and security. Our concern for your child's well-being and your health begins long before the birth date. For this reason, our midwives offer you an individual midwife consultation in which they discuss all questions about the birth and processes in our clinic.

The consultation hours include:

  • Prenatal care according to the Maternity Protection Act
  • Advice and assistance with pregnancy problems
  • General advice on preparing for birth
  • Complementary forms of therapy such as K-Taping, acupuncture
  • Advice on nutrition and a healthy lifestyle

The midwife consultation takes place outside the women's clinic Dr. Geisenhofer. The practice rooms are located at Ringseisstrasse 9, 80337 Munich.

Please plan your first appointment between the 23rd and 30th week of pregnancy. Please make your appointment online.

Midwife support in the clinic

As soon as you go into labor or your water breaks, please call our midwives in the delivery room on 089 / 3831-101.

During the birth we will support you in your own ideas and wishes. In principle, a midwife is authorized to independently manage a vaginal, so-called “spontaneous” birth. In the women's clinic Dr. Geisenhofer, every birth is additionally accompanied by a (specialist) doctor. Most of our midwives have been working in this profession for more than 30 years, so you can expect extensive experience.

We wish you a pleasant pregnancy and look forward to accompanying you through the exciting experience of your pregnancy and delivery.

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