After child birth

We look forward to accompanying and supporting you in our maternity ward after the birth of your baby during the first days of the postpartum period. You will receive help with breastfeeding from experienced nurses and midwives in our clinic. There are currently two nurses trained in accordance with the IBCLC breastfeeding certification working on our maternity ward, and another is currently in training. In addition, all new employees have been completing the “basic breastfeeding seminar” for some time now.

We would also like to inform you about the following appointments for you and your child after birth:

  • Your child must have a screening test for metabolic diseases (screening card) on the 3rd day. This must be repeated if your child is not 36 hours old upon acceptance
  • The second preventive examination (U2) should be performed on your child between the 3rd and 10th days.
  • If the U2 examination is not performed before discharge of our clinic, please contact your paediatrician about this. You will need the insurance card of the main insurance holder for this examination if the child does not yet have their own insurance card.
  • Your baby should receive Vitamin D daily from the 10th day of its life. Your child should be given Vitamin K at U2 and once again at U3.
  • You should contact your gynaecologist within the first 6 weeks of delivery
Information material (in German)
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