Christmas donation by Dr. Geisenhofer Women's Clinic

The students of the Special Education Center (SFZ) Munich-West already received a Christmas present: With our Christmas donation to the Dr. Geisenhofer Foundation for Children and Young People, the psychomotor room of the SFZ could be equipped with all kinds of motor skills devices.

With the devices and various perception exercises, the children get to know themselves and those around them better. They increasingly trust themselves, train their willingness to cooperate, master coordinative tasks, find joy in exercise, develop a healthy body awareness and, last but not least, find relaxation and small breaks in everyday school life.

"Our students (of almost all ages) are very happy with the great new movement units," says Susanne Leogrande, special school rector at the SFZ Munich-West. “These islands in everyday life are real moments of happiness for them. The absolute highlight are the ingenious swings, which are attached to the ceiling and let our children and young people literally fly. As special education teachers, we are grateful because the movement units improve the children's and young people's ability to concentrate enormously. Therefore, the great donation by the women's clinic Dr. Geisenhofer is a great blessing for everyone at the SFZ Munich-West!”

We wish the students lots of fun with the new devices!

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