Therapy and aftercare

Individual therapy recommendation

Every week, the breast center at the English Garden (BzaEG) holds a so-called "tumor conference" in the women's clinic Dr. Geisenhofer. The center doctors from the various disciplines take part. They discuss an individual therapy plan for each patient, which follows the current guidelines of the German Society for Senology. An essential part of our quality standards in therapy is - if possible - breast preservation instead of removal.

The therapy recommendation is discussed with the patient in a timely manner and the further necessary procedure is planned and organised. All examination and operation results are presented and discussed at the weekly tumor conference.

This happens both before an operation that may be necessary (preoperative tumor conference) and after the operation (postoperative tumor conference).


Basicly, there are three different therapies possible for the treatment of breast cancer:

  • the operation
  • radiotherapy and
  • treatment with drugs (chemotherapy, anti-hormone therapy, antibody therapy)

Media library – find out more about possible forms of therapy (in German):

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