Plastic surgery Senior physician: Prof. Dr. Christoph Heitmann

Our range of services includes aesthetic plastic surgery and reconstructive breast surgery.

Aesthetic plastic surgery improves physical changes which occur as part of the ageing process, as well as external features which do not meet subjective aesthetic requirements.

Reconstructive breast surgery enables the reconstruction of soft breast tissue after a breast amputation, even with the body’s own tissue.

With over 700 interventions annually, breast surgery is one of our focus areas:
Breast enlargements, breast reductions and breast lifts as well as breast cancer surgery with breast reconstruction. We have developed a very gentle form of breast reconstruction using the body’s own tissue (DIEP, TMG).

Our attending physicians

Corrective surgery following previous aesthetic interventions, particularly on the breast and face, are a further addition to our range of services.  

Modern surgical techniques and minimally invasive procedures have enabled today’s tissue-preserving procedures. Treatments are always preceded by a preliminary outpatient examination and detailed explanatory discussion.

The Breast Centre of Dr. Geisenhofer Women's Clinic at the Englischer Garten is certified as a reconstructive breast centre by the DGPRÄC, the German society of plastic surgeons

We look forward to welcoming you to our practice and will be glad to help you with any health problems, providing expert advice and treatment to you in a personal atmosphere.

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