Clinic run on World Prematurity Day

We are running for our premature babies on World Prematurity Day today!

Why is World Prematurity Day needed? Because around one in twelve newborns in Germany is a premature baby, but the concerns of this largest group of child patients in Germany are often neglected in public perception. On the occasion of World Prematurity Day on November 17th, the women's clinic Dr. Geisenhofer therefore went for a short run through the English Garden together with two other Munich maternity hospitals (LMU Klinikum, Klinikum Dritter Orden). The aim of the run is to draw attention to the needs of our little patients and the importance of their professional care.

According to the Federal Association “The Premature Child”, around 60,000 children in Germany are born prematurely every year, i.e. before the 37th week of pregnancy. Compared to children born full-term, premature babies are more susceptible to infections and have to struggle with a variety of adjustment problems. The earlier a child is born, the more immature its organs are and the greater the risks to its healthy development.

Premature babies therefore need special intensive medical care - not just to ensure their survival, but also to prevent secondary diseases and minimize their developmental delay. Experienced doctors and nurses take care of the special needs of their little patients in a competent and sensitive manner in the so-called perinatal centers of the Munich maternity hospitals. The regular professional exchange between the clinics is an important quality feature of the intensive medical care of our premature babies.

However, as in other Bavarian metropolitan areas, the nursing shortage has also reached dramatic proportions in Munich. Pediatrics - and especially neonatologies, where these particularly vulnerable little humans are cared for - is not exempt from this. The care of pregnant women and their children is increasingly at risk, so that they often have to be relocated far outside the city immediately before or after birth.

On World Prematurity Day, we would like to work together to draw attention to the special needs of premature babies and their families as well as the enormous importance of professional care for our little patients.

A sporty group of around 50 committed employees from the three clinics went for a short run through the English Garden at 3:30 p.m. The starting point was the women's clinic Dr. Geisenhofer. The 3 km long running route then led around Lake Kleinhesseloher and back to the Clinic Dr. Geisenhofer. Today the hospital building shone in purple, the color of premature babies. We ended the day there with a get-together, enjoying food and refreshing drinks.

About the neonatology of the women's clinic Dr. Geisenhofer:

In addition to the newborn ward, our house has a modern neonatology unit. Our perinatal focus is on premature babies from the 32nd week of pregnancy and a birth weight of at least 1,500 grams, as well as acutely ill newborns. Sudden and unexpected emergencies can be treated around the clock by our experienced pediatric and adolescent specialists, neonatologists and nursing staff. The intensive promotion of the bond between parents and children is particularly important to us - not least because of its scientifically proven development-promoting aspect. We offer a room equipped with intensive care, the “Kanga Room”, so that parents have the opportunity to be with their baby continuously.

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